Easy Ways To Make Your Home Safer From Burgulars

With threats of violence and burglary, many people want to be able to keep their homes safer. While some security options are more expensive than others, there are things that anyone can do to help prevent a burglar from entering your home.

The Simplest Things

There are a few things that can be done that most people know are good ideas, but still tend to forget to do these things. These things include:

  • Make sure that doors, garages, and even windows are locked, even when people are home
  • Don’t hide a key in an obvious spot, like under the doormat or inside an unrealistic looking fake rock (if you have a neighbor you trust, consider leaving one with them instead)
  • Keep the yard neat and trimmed so your home looks well-cared for
  • Don’t put a ladder that is easily viewed or accessible from outside your home
  • Keep tree limbs trimmed so they don’t get too close to the roof or windows
  • Have a peephole installed in your door so you can see who is outside the door

Make It Look Like Someone Is Inside

A good way to deter intruders is to make it look like someone is inside the house. There are many ways to accomplish this. Here are a few ideas

  • Use light timers to have lights turn off and on, both inside and outside
  • Pretend like you are saying goodbye to someone inside when you leave in case someone is watching you
  • Leave a TV or a radio on or have automatic timers turn them on and off
  • Open some of your drapes or blinds

Don’t Make It Obvious If You Are On Vacation

If you go on vacation, make sure it’s not easy to tell that you aren’t going to be home for a while. 

  • Ask a neighbor to collect your mail, fliers, and newspapers
  • If it snows, have someone leave tracks in the snow in front of your house
  • Have someone use your trash can once in a while and take it out to the curb on trash day
  • Don’t post on social media pictures or posts from your vacation until after you return
  • Disconnect any automatic garage door openers
  • If you will be gone for a while during the summer, have someone come mow your lawn

Get an Alarm System

If you do these things and still want to make sure that you are safe, consider investing in a reliable alarm system. You can use motion detectors, video cameras, sensory door and window alarms, or other methods as part of your alarm system. Even with an alarm system, don’t forget to arm it and make sure there aren’t any mirrors or windows that could reflect your alarm panel and make it easy to see if the system is armed from outside.

With these tips, you can help rest assured that your home will be safer from intruders. For more help, talk to a security company like Tele-Plus about what other options you might have that are specific to your home and family.